We offer an external perspective, ask difficult questions, prepare an action plan, and help make changes happen – be it finding efficiencies, entering a new market, or formulating a value proposition.

We work in both the private and public sectors.

Long-term success is based on a strategy that leverages your company’s strengths. We start by analyzing the target markets, competitors, and expectations of the target groups. Increasing your company’s value on your own can be challenging. We can help you identify partners to collaborate with, making it more efficient to achieve your goals. Implementing a strategy developed together is based on measurable results, which help you to assess your success and adapt to new situations continuously.

How can ChangeLab help?

Development and implementation of business strategy

Sometimes it feels like people are working towards different organizational priorities, and the focus is not in place. This can be due to the strategy not being feasible, clear, or communicated well enough. We help you filter out the most important needs and make new goals concrete, i.e., formulate the strategy and create a roadmap.

Entering new markets

Knowing the markets, their peculiarities, opportunities, and risks is necessary for making strategic decisions. With market analyses and research, we help you create a clearer picture of how to enter new markets. We also help you find local cooperation partners, create a Go-to-Market plan and sales strategy, and implement it (B2C, B2B, B2G).

Development and launch of new products and services

If your business results are unsatisfactory, growth has slowed, and it seems that your products and services no longer meet the expectations of your potential customers, it is time to analyze the company’s business model, product portfolio, and value proposition. We help find the most profitable way and set appropriate metrics to evaluate the results.

Change management and innovation

Organizations that can manage and, if necessary, initiate changes become part of success and growth. Whether it’s mergers, rebranding, changing members, or something else, we help find solutions with appropriate methods, such as service design, testing, behavioral influence, or inclusive discussions.

We support the implementation of new practices through training and communication.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are powerful strategic moves that don’t happen daily and require thorough planning. Our business advisors will help you realize the synergies from a merger of several organizations. We help develop the new organization’s value proposition and supporting messages and deliver these through products, services, marketing, and communication to customers.

Target audience research

Customers and users of the organization’s services/products are its most important asset. Understanding their needs and expectations is key to successful strategy and business development. Our advisors help you learn about your target groups, behavior, and desires with methods suited to your challenges.