Clearly formulated values and thoughtful communication help organizations develop in the right direction. We are experts in strategic communication and work primarily for long-term goals.


Engagement and networking. We are oriented towards harmonizing messages and communication that connects communities/parties. We create bridges and build cooperative relationships because that way, the results are more effective. We are well-versed in engagement practices and various moderation techniques. We help empower and spot commonalities, build networks, and foster trusting relationships. Effective engagement helps to reduce public fears and increase understanding.

Internal communication. Aligning employees behind the strategy creates efficiency, motivation for inventive solutions, and increased profitability. Our people are the first brand ambassadors and bearers of the company’s main messages. We help create clear messages and deliver them to the team.

Media relations. Our experts have strong media communication experience and contacts, and we cooperate closely with Estonian media houses. Thanks to this, we can raise and make important topics more visible to the public and initiate compelling debates. We have built a global contact network of communication agencies with whom we manage campaigns globally.

Crisis communication. Akkadian consultants have extensive experience managing crisis communication and planning strategic work during crises.

Visual communication. Getting people’s attention in an information overload requires clear messages and good visuals. Today’s communication is mainly visual. Our team includes experts with screenwriting and documentary knowledge, designers, and social media strategists.

Communication in Russian. In addition to Estonian and English language competence, we support clients in organizing communication in Russian. The involvement of a native Russian-speaking consultant supports the message reaching the Russian-speaking population living in Estonia. Keeping Estonian residents in one information room, regardless of their home language and cultural space, is essential. We see that it is necessary in today’s geopolitical situation.

International cooperation. One of Estonia’s most significant international communication projects so far, the communication of the EAS e-residency program in foreign markets, is to be carried out for Akkadian. In addition, we have advised Rail Baltica, Invest in Estonia, and Work in Estonia communications. We have supported companies entering the EU market. This means that we navigate international cooperation networks well.